Hi, and welcome to Six String Warriors. I'm Ed Lozano and thank you for stopping by.


I've had the opportunity to work with 1000s of students from all ages, levels, and backgrounds begin or continue their musical journey.

  • From 6 & 7 year olds that are just starting out.
  • To adolescents that are trying out for a high school or university music program.
  • To adult hobbyists and retirees that are serious students and want to get better.


I've always wanted to develop a platform where I can share my experience and understanding of music, especially as it applies to the guitar, and could never find the time. But, now I have…

The Six String Warriors is my platform for sharing lessons, workshops, masterclasses, and courses with guitar students.


From one-on-one virtual lessons, to group events, and the flexible video-exchange lessons, there's something for everybody.


It's my goal to setup a supportive, virtual environment that offers accountability, personal feedback and attention.


I'm committed to helping you find your voice and improvise in any style with confidence.


Banner photo by Photo by Giancarlo Revolledo 


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