The Six String Warriors CORE System

I developed this grading system based on three things:

  1. My experience with the martial arts.
  2. The need for a grading method that informs that student and instructor as to the precise level of expertise that the student has achieve.
  3. The requirements needed for students to excel in the formal, music-education environment.


Teachers for performance-based programs are required to prepare the students for public performance in a short period of time and regardless of the level of the student. And, most teachers are, and continue to be, successful at facing this challenge.


However, this comes at cost. And, the students that wish to continue their musical journey into high school band and orchestras, or college-level education, find themselves at a disadvantage.


Yes, they can play their instruments very well and have developed their performance skills. But, they are technicians on their instruments and unskilled in other areas of musicianship. Those areas include music theory, sight reading, improvisation, instrument theory, harmonic and rhythmic concepts, etc.


Also, I have sat with many parents who have paid thousands of dollars into their child's music education programs only to discover that their child does not qualify for the high school or college music program. And, the child will require special programs in order to solidify their musical foundation. In many instances those "special programs" required two additional years of training.


My goal is:

  • To create the fellowship that I discovered in my martial arts training.
  • Merge the belt-ranking system into a fun, yet practical, form of guitar study.
  • Create a hybrid, online-learning program that also adds a social element which fosters accountability.


Our primary goal is to achieve Level 4 for High School and Level 5 for College. These levels ensure a solid foundation as the students continue their musical journey. And, they will have the tools with which to face the musical challenges that will surely encounter as they continue their journey.


Please feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions.

The Areas that Make Up the CORE System

Just like a martial arts dojo, students will be required to "test out" of their current level and into the next level.


These exams will evaluate their skills in the following areas:

  • Chord Knowledge
  • Scale Knowledge
  • General Musicianship
  • Listening Skills
  • Sight Reading
  • Performance
  • Improvisation
  • Technique
  • Music Theory


There are specific goals for each level that will be covered in their weekly lessons.


Lessons can be 1:1 or group workshops.